Welcome to a quaint, charming world of its own, a sort of distant paradise. The pool is the focal point - soothing and refreshing and the sound of running water is an elixir which gives the 12 all Suite Boutique Hotel a tranquility that is beguilingly addictive. Conceived as an adult-experience, The Suites, scattered around the pool are

Pousada Tauma Goa

endowed with different motifs - the Sea, the Fields, the Mountains and Castle which give one the very aroma of Goa.

But its greatest attraction is the Ayurveda Centre designed to tone up your body, mind and soul. It is the only Boutique Hotel which is built on the lines of a natural, traditional architecture concept using exposed masonry. Eco-friendly and with the minimum use of resources, it uses Goa laterite stones liberally, hence the glow it emits is distinctly Goan. The twittering of birds and a variety of flora and fauna enhance this other-world charm that makes your stay a tryst with nature and a solace for the soul.

Location of Pousada Tauma, Goa
The hotel is 50 km from the airport and 15 km from the nearest railway station.

Amenities at Pousada Tauma, Goa
Swimming pool, ayurvedic massage, nature library, model tree house, Indoor games and films on wildlife.

Accommodation at Pousada Tauma, Goa
12 airconditioned suites comprise of 3 Standard suites, 7 Superior suites and 2 Deluxe suite. Each suite has a theme. It also has its own private dining area, bedroom with a dressing table, wardrobe and a patio with a private, detached garden or terrace. Also, STD/ISD dialing facilities, television with satellite transmission channels and a 'minibar' are all included as well.

Rejuvenate and Renew : Treatments
Spa in Goa's Pousada Tauma Hotel seeks to revitalize you by curing your body of any ailment and administering Ayurvedic massages that will not only de-stress the body but will also bring about a harmony between the mind, soul and the body. Solely relying on the Ayurvedic treatments, Goa's Spa in Pousada Tauma Hotel deals out conventional cures directed towards holistic healing. One remarkable fact about Ayurvedic treatments is that instead of curing an ailment in isolation, it takes into account an individual in his entirety.

Be it the therapeutic cures or beauty treatments, Spa in Pousada Tauma Hotel, Goa makes use of herbal oils and other natural ingredients. Professional masseurs, beauticians, nutritionists and physical therapists retained by the spa are adept at diagnosing your ailments, prescribing and administering the right kind of treatments. The effleurage strokes of the masseurs will not only de-stress your muscles and nerves but will also have a stimulating effect on your nervous system. The beauty packs make use of essential minerals that have a nourishing effect on your skin and are a guarantee against aging.